Sunday, May 24, 2009



Reading unlined papers

Bottling words that don’t make sense

Imagining the square letters on your blue jeans

Inserting words on a wide-ruled page

Folding papers

Calling for publication when no one is at your service

Asking for advice columns

Preparing lousy speeches

Attending grad school

Flunking Algebra but then cutting it short to make an A in English

The English nerd

Walking while writing

Talking on the phone and recording words of dialogue in one’s ear

Making scenes in one’s head

Deleting unmarked sentences covered with red ink

Slashing your markings and cutting out certain word like: Fuck or Damn

Accusing your English professor for damaging your unpublished work

Creating your own contests that no one attends to online

Making a date with a writing friend

All you talk about is writing

Nothing intrigues you except the words on people’s shirts

Books make you leave the world

Pieces of blank paper make you smile

Recordings of music titles with loser titles make you faint

Dialogue is action

Words are life

Scenes are forest like

Story equals character

A good plot line is hard to find

Every paper you have says these lines on them

Writers count words not numbers



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